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Customer reviews

Great versatile box that can do it all!!

ABox contacted me and they helped me resolve the issues I was having. They really do care and want to make this a great product. The more I use it the more I love it's versatility. I am going to use this for a lot of different use cases, hotel travel, outside neighborhood movies, and at home entertainment. I love the ability to watch all the apps, USB and SD card options plus the ability to show documents like PowerPoint and word. Makes it great option for work or church presentations.

I bought this for a road trip with my kids but it has been so frustrating to use out of the box. Really needs a keyboard. I have not been able to sign into anything because either half way through sign on it goes back to home screen or everything says login failed. I thought it was bc of the hotel wifi but my android tablet and phone work just fine. It REALLY NEEDS an app where you can can control it from phone or tablet like every other set top box has. Without it this thing is so frustrating to use.

Put away the 300 disc CD changer and replace it with this small box!

I bought this as a replacement solution for my dad's dying 300 disc CD changer. The requirements demanded a device that could run Kodi and therefore play Opus Audio files on a flash-drive ripped from his CDs. The device also needed to have TOSLINK/Optical or coaxial output for digital audio. This Android TV Box has fulfilled this position well, although I had some difficulties.

First of all, the power cord this thing comes with is extremely short being only a few feet. Unless you put this box right next to an outlet this is kind of an issue.
The second issue is the digital SPDIF audio. While it works, you must realize that it is in fact coaxial digital audio and not TOSLINK/Optical. Plugging in a coaxial cable is possible via the use of a 3.5mm to Mono or Stereo RCA adapter. If using a Stereo 3.5mm adapter, use the white plug (left channel) for the coaxial connection while leaving the red (right channel) unused. Even then, in the Android options you must enable SPDIF output or else it won't work.
The third issue is performance, kind of. While for most apps the performance is excellent, the Kodi performance is less than desired. Any heavy skins or visualizations will slow this thing down, and that's just at 1080p! Imagine the performance at 4K, which is what this is marketed to do.
The fourth issue is the remote, again kind of. While it works most of the time, you have to point it directly at the box otherwise nothing will happen.

I also had minor difficulties with other stuff. The WiFi had issues when first setting it up, but they went away after I restarted it. The out of box experience setup program is also filled with awkward broken English which might confuse you.

For $60 this product is quite good, at least for what I needed.